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The Hub at Eastlake is located in the vibrant and thriving city of Chula Vista that offers an exceptional quality of life and abundant opportunities. As we open The Hub at Eastlake, we invite you to explore all that Chula Vista has to offer.


Chula Vista's prime location sets it apart, as it is conveniently situated in close proximity to the US/Mexico border. This strategic position not only fosters a unique cultural blend but also provides numerous advantages for businesses and individuals alike. With the border nearby, The Hub at Eastlake offers unparalleled access to international markets, making it an ideal location for companies seeking global connections and expansion opportunities.


Beyond its proximity to the border, Chula Vista boasts a stunning natural landscape and a diverse community. The city is home to breathtaking coastal areas, including the beautiful beaches of the San Diego Bay and Pacific Ocean. Residents and visitors alike can indulge in a plethora of outdoor activities, such as surfing, boating, hiking, and biking.

Chula Vista is known for its excellent educational institutions, including Southwestern College and the Chula Vista Elementary and Sweetwater Union High School Districts. These schools have a strong reputation for providing quality education and cultivating the talents and skills of students.


Furthermore, Chula Vista embraces a vibrant cultural scene. The city hosts numerous festivals and community events that celebrate its rich heritage and diversity. From the annual Lemon Festival, which honors Chula Vista's history as a lemon-growing region, to the Starlight Parade during the holiday season, there is always something exciting happening in Chula Vista.


With its exceptional location near the US/Mexico border, breathtaking natural beauty, outstanding educational institutions, and vibrant cultural scene, Chula Vista offers an exceptional place to work, live, and thrive. The Hub at Eastlake provides the perfect environment for businesses and individuals looking to be at the center of it all.


Join us at The Hub at Eastlake and experience the best of both worlds—where the opportunities of an international border city meet the charm of Southern California living. We look forward to welcoming you to The Hub at Eastlake, where you will be apart of a community where collaboration, creativity and commerce come together. 

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